OUTER SHELL available in Techno Polymer or Carbon. It can be painted or lined. The soft and ergonomic design is moved by an aesthetic curve over the whole high circumference. The ventilation system, on the front (front) and rear (parietal) are placed two perspiration holes, 4 in all, protected by a super metal, these guarantee good ventilation and breathability. The fit is deep. The perimeter of the cap envelops the skull following the curve of the ears (temporal), to become concave posteriorly (occipital), corresponding to the nape, deliberately envelops the lateral lobes and leaves the cervical area free, to prevent the helmet from causing damage in case of backward impact. Designed to offer maximum protection.

The MEASUREMENTS of the outer shell are two: M and L. - With the M shell you can obtain, by inserting the internal padding (art. IP) of various thickness, the sizes of the Uof Cap and Helmets from 52 to 57 cm (52; 53 ; 54; 55; 56; 57) - With the measure L we obtain the other measures from 58 to 61 cm (58; 59; 60; 61). To determine the helmet size, measure the circumference of the user's head with a centimeter.       This measure will be between 52 and 61 cm 

VISORS are in very flexible nylon, Ultra flex system, indestructible, always covered in leather or soft fabrics. The requirements of "flexibility and coating" are very important, because in the event of a fall, the visor may impact the athlete's nose or face. Therefore, being flexible, indestructible, and coated, in the hypothesis of fall, the nasal septum and / or facial injuries are prevented.

VERY LIGHT 400 / 450gr.

INTERNAL SHELL is in EPS (Sintered Expanded Polystyrene), whose density is ideal for absorbing impact and possible impact, avoiding trauma in the event of a fall.

INTERNAL PADDING is soft and comfortable, made of breathable and hypoallergenic (Coolmax) fabric, which prevents the formation of bacteria and bad smells. It consists of three separate bearings, one located in the center of the inner shell, one on the nape, the last on the front and on the remaining sides. It is fixed on velcro points, positioned in the inner lining of the cap / helmet. It guarantees hygiene, because it can be removed, washed with soap and water, and easily replaced. Also available as a spare part in all sizes (from 52 cm to 61 cm).

RETENTION SYSTEM inserted in the four fundamental points, makes the helmet very stable. It is available in various models: X cross on the nape (XRS); wrapped on the nape (EVO); with adjustment straps in the cervical area (ADV); or empty in the cervical area (OPEN BACK), practical for those who collect hair with an elastic on the back. The finishes are extremely accurate, smooth, rounded. It can be made of various materials: in real leather, in glossy or matte synthetic leather. Each of these materials is available in various colors. The quick release buckle has rounded edges, smooth in each part (ITW NEXUS), important details. In fact, in the event of a fall, they avoid abrasions. The buckle is connected to the rest of the retention system with soft nylon, accompanied by a soft under-throat which, depending on the models, can be in cool max, covered in real leather, or in matt synthetic leather, or in glossy synthetic leather.

FIT enveloping at the neck, deep on the skull, perfect also thanks to the use of very soft and thermo / self-adapting materials to the shape of the head of the rider who wears it

CLEANING the outer shells of Uof helmets can only be washed by hand, with only water or neutral detergents that do not contain aggressive substances. For genuine leather parts, use only water or specific skin products. The internal padding can be washed with soap and water. Drying must take place naturally, in the shade and in an airy room.

CERTIFICATIONS BS PAS 015-2011 - CE VG1 01.040 2014-12

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