Freedom short-sleeved turtleneck
Freedom short-sleeved turtleneck

Freedom short-sleeved turtleneck


Compression turtleneck, supports your muscles, leaves your skin always dry and fresh

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For the Freedom short-sleeved Turtleneck, the density and elasticity of the fabric are used in a calibrated way. Particular attention to the back of the shirt with a special texture that supports the upper back of the shoulder blades and the lower part of the lumbar area. Elasticated sides to favor the correct torsion of the bust. At the bottom of the knit a 3 cm hem brings the garment to the optimal length. The Turtleneck fabric is made with Dryarn® fiber. The neck fabric is made of soft Lycra.

Data sheet: Properties: Thermal - Climatic conditions: Summer - Size: One size S / M

Composition: 90% polypropylene and 10% elastane.


Dryarn® has very high levels of breathability as opposed to many fibers that block normal body perspiration or allow it only for a limited time. In the presence of high physical exertion Dryarn® is able to collect sweat (in a liquid state) and transfer it from the skin, along the surface of the fiber, to the outside of the fabric, releasing it into the environment extremely quickly and effectively.


Dryarn® has the highest capacity to insulate as it has the lowest thermal conductivity of any other fiber and therefore insulates better from the outside climate. Dryarn® creates a breathable barrier that acts as an insulator at the entrance and as a vehicle for sweat to the outside. An insulating and protective barrier but breathable at the same time that keeps the skin always dry, warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months.


Thanks to its low specific weight, Dryarn® allows you to make extremely light garments while maintaining thermal insulation capacity, allowing you to lighten the number of garments to wear to the benefit of comfort.

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